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Comprehensive Financial Services

Our comprehensive approach to financial planning helps ensure that no aspect of your financial picture is overlooked,  We offer a broad range of services customized for your specific needs, goals and life stage.  We apply a clear, well-defined and objective process.  

Financial Planning

This is where it all starts.  We develop a plan incorporating all of your financial accounts no matter where they are held. This full picture allows us to determine if you are on track to meet specific goals and helps us make decisions throughout life that are most appropriate for you. Projecting your future financial situation allows for meaningful solutions today. We guide our clients along the path up to and through retirement. We provide guidance, information, tools, and services to help you navigate this critical transition in life. 

Investment Management

As each individual is unique, so is our approach to money management.  Our investment committee is comprised of professionals carrying the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation, the highest distinction in the investment management profession.  The charter gives a strong understanding of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills. Proper asset positioning for your goals leads to long-term success. 

Risk Management

Preparing for potentially catastrophic situations is critical for you and your loved ones. The risk of some situations, such as unanticipated disability/death or long-term care, may need to be transferred to an insurance company. The resulting peace of mind helps our clients. 

Tax Planning Strategies*

Proper management of before and after tax dollars is essential. Evaluating the impact of taxes on your ability to achieve your financial goals is a key factor to consider throughout your life. Careful analysis of tax consequences brings immediate benefit to our clients and can potentially minimize the taxes you pay.

Estate Planning Strategies

Preparing for the inevitable will bring peace of mind to all concerned. Understanding the estate impacts of a given situation, and potential solutions, help our clients make appropriate decisions for their family and/or charitable legacy goals. Our network of professionals help create a master plan consisting of strategies that are simple and inexpensive to implement such as a will or life insurance. If your estate is larger, the estate planning process can be more complex and expensive.  We’ll work with you to determine what is appropriate based on your situation.

Contact Us

Contact Kevin Wittrock today and set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss your financial planning needs. 

Office Phone:405-285-9464                                                                                                                                    Email: kwittrock@voyafa.com                                                                                                                     Address: 2232 NW 164th St Edmond, OK 73013 

* Neither Voya Financial Advisors nor its representatives offer tax or legal advice.  Please consult with your tax and legal advisors.