Mission Statement


My mission is to educate my clients and the citizens of Oklahoma about personal financial stability. This mission is not only my most significant professional contribution – it my life goal. Through financial stability, individuals may achieve their personal dreams, offer support of charitable and faith-based organizations and help secure the future of their families and communities. I dedicate almost 20% of my work hours helping my clients get on track financially – learning about their finances and establishing a base of financial stability from which they can grow.

My promise to you is that I will:

  • Keep you an informed and involved partner in everything we do.
  • Support you in your financial goals. To do that, it is important to know your hopes, dreams and goals. Sharing these with me in a confidential environment will ensure that I give you the most truly customized, comprehensive planning advice possible.
  • Make the financial planning process as painless as possible, taking complicated and often intimating processes and making them as educational and compelling as possible for you, the end user.
  • Not follow the "hot trends" or the next, unproven "big" deal. I have been in this business over 10 years and together, we are in this for the long, not short, term.
  • Continue to learn more about this ever-changing field. Change is inevitable in every field of work and I promise to continue my growth in this evolving marketplace.
  • Put your needs before mine. Always.

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