How are we paid

Paying Your Advisor

Many investors have tried planning on their own, believing they could save money in commissions and increase their returns. In reality, they lose more than professional advice would have cost. The return that the average investor realizes often has more to do with the investor’s behavior than the investment’s results. This is one area where a financial planner adds value, by servicing through volatile markets.

At Voya Financial Advisors, we are committed to working with all clients - from the client who wants quarterly review meetings to the client who just wants us to analyze their portfolio or develop a retirement plan.

Advisory Services - Fee-Based Planning

Numerous trends in the financial services industry during the past 15 years have led to the increased popularity of the fee-based compensation structure. With changes in the financial, banking, and insurance industries, consumers are faced with a myriad of products and services. Given this increasingly diverse and ever-changing environment, the new options may be better options than those offered in the past. Fee-based planning provides the flexibilty to adjust to this changing environment without generating new commissions.

As a fee-based client, you will have access to a robust, managed money solution for an asset-based quarterly fee. Understanding your needs, developing your Investment Policy Statement, designing your portfolio, implementing your financial plan, and periodic review of your portfolio are a few of the concepts and services we will provide.

Commission-Based Planning

Commission-based financial planning is the more traditional form of compensating a financial planner. If you chose a commission-based arrangement, you will pay a commission that is calculated as a percentage of your purchases. Some products also offer ongoing compensation to the planner as part of the product’s internal fee structure.

At Voya Financial Advisors, we make sure that you have a thorough understanding all fees associated with purchasing an investment product - our commissions as well as fees charged by the investment/insurance company.

Fee-For-Planning Services

Our Fee-For-Planning service covers the traditional scope of financial planning, which can include portfolio analysis, retirement needs analysis, estate planning, education planning and inheritance management. After a clear understanding of your individual needs and goals, we will provide you with a custom-made, written plan that can position you to make successful investment choices.

The fee for this service depends on the scope of your project. These fees are paid per plan and do not involve commissions or ongoing asset-based fees.


Professional money management might not be suitable for all investors. Since no one investment program is suitable for all types of investors, this web site is provided for informational purposes only. Your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs must be reviewed before suitable recommendations can be made. For a copy of our representatives’ Form ADV Part 2, which describes the advisory program, charges, fees and expenses, please request one from Voya Financial Advisors by writing or calling us at 2232 NW 164th, Edmond, OK 73013 or 405.285.9464.